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Unique Beverage Sales & Distribution Business Opportunity


Aroha Drinks is an natural fruit juice manufacturer based in Canterbury, New Zealand. We establishing an franchise distribution network in New Zealand. Our franchised distributors are to offer a high service orientated working relationship between Aroha and its wholesale customers contributing significantly to the business preformance. 


Aroha Drinks offers a portfolio of unique still and sparkling juices and cordials that are distributed to café, grocery and food service customers. 


Daily responsibilities include generating new business, taking customer orders, product delivery and in-store merchandising. Distributors work under a franchise agreement and are renumerated on a margin basis.  A central billing anaccount support allows franchisees to focus exclusively on selling and maximising growth within the territory


* As the franchisee you will have the exclusive rights to distribute all Aroha products within a defined territory.

* It is a simple, low admin franchise model to follow.

* There is no built in good will (so is easy to get started with).

* All marketing material and colateral is suplied free of chage.

* Excellent returns and unlimited growth potential


Franchise Applicants


An honest appraisal of strengths and weaknesses prior to purchasing a franchise is essential. Here is what we look for.


•   You must be physically fit.

  We also look for people with drive to grow and develop their own business whilst still operating within the franchise system and processes.

•   You must enjoy meeting people and building a strong relationship with the customer.

    In this business, service really counts. You must have a professional approach to business. Our customers rely on us to be the best and we work hard to never let a customer down.



Other Requirements


•   You must financially qualify for this opportunity.

    An approved van, rated for two tonne or more. Aroha will take care of having the van sign written.

Commonly asked Questions and their Answers


Q. “How much does a franchise cost?”


A. The investment requirements vary between franchises, although the set up cost for a franchise are from $15,000. This would be used to cover the purchase of a light truck, aranging rental of warehouse space, smartphone system, stock cover, uniforms and sundries.


Specific investment requirements and return on investment will be discussed during the recruitment and selection process.


Q. “How much is the monthly Franchise fee or royalty charge?”


A. There is no monthly Franchise fee or royalty charge.


Q. “How much stock do I have to buy?”


A.  You are required to purchase the initial stock for your delivery van. Approximate cost $4,500. You are responsible for stock purchases that you order for customers for ongoing basis.


Q. “How much working capital do I need to cover debtors’ credit?”


A. You need to allow working capital for your direct sales.


Credit accounts will be managed via the Aroha drinks head office and credited back to the franchisee. This minimises the exposure of the franchiee to credit and bad debts.


Q. Are there any restrictions on how big I can grow my business?”


A. No. Aroha Drinks wants your business to be successful and grow with the area defined. Operating within the systems and processes of our franchise system.


Q. “What training is offered by Aroha Drinks?”


A. New franchisees will will be fully trained on the sales and distribution requirements of the system. Training and sales support will be a continuous and ongoing part of the relationship between the franchisee and Aroha head office.


Q. “How much profit can I make?”


A. Profitability varies between areas and between operators. A healthy margin for both direct sales and National accounts is provided.


Q. “How do I get paid?


A. As a percentage of sales income. So you have total control over your income.


Please review the information provided. If you have any questions that are not covered above, please feel free to contact us on (03) 341 1183 or email your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.